Hassan Hamed Al-Baldawi : Women have never been an outsider in various kinds of sports, they have been lost and practiced since the dawn of civilization, and in our contemporary Arab reality, the picture has shined Number of women in many sports Among them is Najla Imad, the champion of Iraq and Asia in table tennis for people with special needs, to represent the best representation. Despite her young age, men competed to win honors after another and medal after another. , to sweep its name well-deserved Iraqi and Asian sports scene.
Who is Najla Emad and what are her sports posts? 
I'm Najla Imad Lafta I am 17 years old, from Diyala Governorate I had an accident when I was three years old, and this accident led to the loss of my right hand and my lower limbs Player of the national table tennis team At the level of tournaments participating in 14 tournaments outside Iraq, including Jordan, UAE, Egypt, Thailand, Slovenia, China, Poland, and my last tournament was in 2021, the Asian Championship in Bahrain, which won first place and is considered the first gold medal for table tennis in a youth tournament and also ranked second in the Asian Championship in China aged. 14 on the applicants and the youth of the first place
What is the most important moment so far in your sports career? 
Being the Asian champion and qualifying for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics as the youngest table tennis player in the world at the age of 16 was a good participation, and despite my early departure, it was a great experience for me at this age What is your educational level? 
I am a fifth secondary student now What are your other hobbies beside sports? My dream is to be a sports presenter. What are your future plans on the personal and sports level? My plans are to get first place, not only at the level of Asia, but I want to get the next Paralympic champion, God willing. One last word for people? 
My last word to all people, especially women Disability has not prevented me from achieving my dream, and the thing I want is my advice to all people to let nothing stop you. Strive, continue, work, and continue until you reach your dream.