The Palestine delegation and the Council of Arab Ambassadors to the United Nations are continuing in their meetings and contacts with the members of the International Quartet, the Security Council, and countries of influence, as was asked of them in the emergency meeting of Arab foreign ministers, with the aim of re-activating the Quartet and opening horizons for a feasible political process based on the initiative of President Mahmoud Abbas to hold an international peace conference, today said Riyad Mansour, Palestine's Permanent Representative to the international organization.
He said in an interview with the official Voice of Palestine radio that an important meeting of the Council of Arab Ambassadors, and on the initiative of the Palestine delegation, was held with the Russian ambassador to the UN in light of what was proposed by his country's foreign minister in the last session of the Security Council, in which he called for a meeting of the Quartet and the Quartet plus at the ministerial level in the next few months in preparation for the international conference.
Mansour said a meeting with the European Union delegate is going to be held today, and another meeting with the Secretary-General of the United Nations on Friday in the efforts to revive the Middle East peace process.
He said that a meeting will also take place with the US representative to the United Nations when she is confirmed, which will conclude the consultations with the members of the Quartet.
The Palestine Representative to the UN pointed out that the Security Council is going to hold a session on Friday to discuss the situation in Palestine.